Awning Quick Release Mounting Brackets

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  • 5 Apr 2, 2020

    Cody A Ferguson

    Quick release awning brackets

    These things are the absolute best. Great build quality. I have my awning mounted to the side if my vehicle for travel. When I set up camp I move it to the rear. Have an enclosed room and all the space inside my campershell. Its so awesome.

  • 5 Feb 28, 2020



    The quick-release brackets are awesome. Once I got home after off-roading all day I popped the awning right off in seconds and stowed it in my garage.

  • 5 Feb 24, 2020

    Sean Campbell

    Quick Release Awning Brackets

    Quick delivery, well built product! Was super easy to instal, I have them mounted on the side of my overland trailer for low awning storage while driving. Then when I get to camp I paired it with the collapsible awning poles so I can set it up where I want! I would buy these again! Only thing I wish is they said what size padlock you need.... its taken me awhile to find one that will fit.

  • 5 Nov 16, 2019


    Quick Release brackets

    Excellent product. 2 bracket sets are included in the packaging (2 hooks & 2 brackets). Super easy to install & mount your awning, take it down & relocate it. Includes all the bolts, nuts & washers needed for mounting.

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