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The Best Vehicles To Use for Overland Travels

Ironman 4x4 America - Mar 30, 2023

The right truck makes overlanding an exhilarating and comfortable experience. Overlanding involves off-roading and camping across a large landscape. A truck is no small investment, so how do you settle on the right model for your next adventure? Discover the best vehicles to use for overland travels below.

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is a common overlanding vehicle for a few reasons, including its off-road capabilities. Toyota built these trucks for harsh outdoor conditions so you can travel in rough areas with ease. If you need to adjust its performance in any way, you’ll be happy to know that many aftermarket upgrades for the Tacoma are available, such as lift kits.

The Toyota Tacoma also provides plenty of storage space in the truck bed, making it ideal for hauling overlanding supplies. At Ironman 4x4, we carry Tonneau bed covers for the Toyota Tacoma and other makes and models. You can protect cargo from the elements on your overland adventures thanks to Tonneau covers.

Chevrolet Colorado

The Chevrolet Colorado is another truck with a rugged design that prioritizes off-roading, a big component of overlanding. However, there’s more to assessing the right overlanding vehicle than saying that you should choose a Chevy Colorado over a Toyota Tacoma. For example, what does the 2023 Chevy Colorado bring to the table?

This truck features a new eight-speed automatic transmission and a wider chassis, giving you a more aggressive approach and departure angles. The new Chevrolet Colorado also has five drive modes available, so you can accommodate various performance requirements.

The Baja mode is ideal for sandy terrain, while the Tow/Haul mode focuses on, as you may have guessed, towing and hauling capabilities. That said, the finer details of any vehicle are upgradable, so how your Chevy arrives at home won’t be how it has to perform from then on. At Ironman 4x4, our online inventory includes ditch light kits for the Chevy Colorado that provide you with more light coverage while off-roading.

Ford Ranger

Another one of the best vehicles to use for overland travel is the Ford Ranger. Like the vehicles above, the Ford Ranger excels at off-roading performance. You can easily adjust the vehicle’s handling to a variety of terrain. Still, the Ford Ranger models have a reputation for their powerful engines, so you have the horsepower you need to soar on the terrain ahead.

The Ford Ranger also comes with a truck bed suitable for overlanding, ensuring you can store any supplies you need for entertainment, sleeping, and more. If you want to adjust the suspension characteristics for an even more comfortable experience, explore aftermarket kits available now. For example, at Ironman 4x4, we have Pro Forge upper control arms for various Ford Ranger models, which provide an improved strength-to-weight ratio thanks to the aluminum design. That way, you get stronger hardware without putting excessive weight on your vehicle. Choose your ideal overlanding vehicle today to have a great experience on the journey ahead.