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Things To Consider Before Committing to a Lift Kit

Ironman 4x4 America - Mar 29, 2023

Upgrading trucks and any other vehicle you own is a way to make the driving experience better. So when you’re browsing upgrades online, there is an important question to consider: What’s the missing part of the driving experience that you want to regain? For some, it’s more horsepower. For others, it’s better fuel efficiency. And for others, it’s more clearance below the vehicle. For more clearance, a high-quality aftermarket lift kit comes in handy.

Unfortunately, shopping for a lift kit isn’t as simple as picking the first model you see from online retailers. Our comprehensive guide below will help you become adequately informed, so you can find a kit that makes your driving experience more fulfilling. Read on to learn a few important things to consider before committing to a lift kit.

How the Lift Kit Works

A lift kit lives up to its name by raising a vehicle higher off the ground. Lifting vehicles allows for more clearance below the undercarriage, which is why it is such a popular upgrade for off-roading.

For example, at Ironman 4x4, our long list of off-road suspension parts includes an ATS suspension lift kit suited for 2019+ Toyota RAV4 that provides 2 inches of lift. You can also visit our online inventory for a Stage 2 Foam Cell Pro suspension lift kit suited for 2005+ Toyota Tacoma that provides 3 inches of lift.

However, knowing which lift kit to buy involves more than just how much height you want to add. Let’s now take a look at what other performance benefits you should consider before picking up your lift kit.

Durability & New Tires

Another critical detail for lift kits optimized for off-roading is the materials they are made from. This is because off-road suspension upgrades must be strong enough to handle the vibrations of the ground below and the harsh conditions of the weather or terrain.

For example, the aforementioned Foam Cell Pro lift kit from Ironman 4x4 features the strongest shocks on the market. With more protection below your vehicle, you can have more peace of mind when off-roading in rough environments.

Adding more height to your vehicle also makes it easier to accommodate larger tires. Once you know how any specific lift kit functions and what it’s made from, you can determine if it’s worth committing to for your personal applications.

What a Lift Kit Includes

One of the most important things to consider before committing to a lift kit is which parts you’re investing in. So what vehicle parts are generally available in a lift kit? These kits typically feature various suspension components, such as shocks and struts. For example, at Ironman 4x4, you will find a Stage 3, non-KDSS Foam Cell Pro suspension kit suited for Toyota 4Runner 2010+. This suspension kit comes with front and rear coil springs, rear shock absorbers, front coilovers, upper control arms, front sway bar spacer kits, rear adjustable panhard bars, and more tools that will optimize performance.

However, not all lift kits come with the same materials, so you should always read the technical specifications for any model carefully. That may sound obvious, but it’s easy to look over these details if you’re not very familiar with suspension parts. Instead of only looking at the benefits you want from the upgrade, remember to consider how the system as a whole will affect your driving experience.

For example, the coilovers provide easy adjustability, while the coil springs and shock absorbers help with the impact of your car on the road. Your coil springs and shock absorbers focus on smoothing performance, as do the panhard bars. More specifically, the panhard bars stabilize the vehicle’s movement from side to side, maintaining a balanced ride while driving.

Of course, ensuring the lift kit is properly designed for your model is important, but what specific parts do you want to equip for the best experience? This is one of the reasons it’s essential to make a list of several lift kit options before committing to any one model.

How It Improves Your Aesthetics

At this point in our guide, you should be quite familiar with the performance enhancements that lift kits deliver. However, there is another benefit to the titular accessory, and it’s the aesthetic boost. Raising a vehicle’s height can deliver a larger, more aggressive appearance on the road. Some drivers like a sleek vehicle, but others prefer a big, powerful beast of a vehicle on and off the roads.

That said, don’t forget to account for the look of the suspension system itself because parts of it will be visible. For instance, do you want the springs to blend in visually with the surrounding elements, such as the tires? You can also choose a more vibrant color that gives your truck a more unique, eye-catching appearance. Simply put, before committing to a lift kit, consider this: does it make your vehicle look better or look worse?

At the end of the day, if it’s your vehicle getting the upgrade, the only visual standards it has to meet are yours. How do you want your vehicle to look when you drive through the city or take a trip down an off-road trail? Thanks to hardware such as aftermarket coilovers, you can optimize your vehicle’s visual appeal with ease. And at Ironman 4x4, our suspension lift kits feature beautifully colored green springs to help them pop visually from the surrounding hardware.

Browsing Online Retailers

As you can see, there is a lot to think about when you’re shopping for lift kits. From your driving applications to your creative preferences, aftermarket lift kits can help you optimize many details of your vehicle. If you’re ready to invest in a great suspension upgrade for your vehicle, then start browsing online retailers to learn more about the available technology.

As mentioned above, lift kits come in many forms. Luckily, at Ironman 4x4, we have an extensive inventory of lift kits that will help you achieve better performance and appearance after installation. Assess what you want from your vehicle’s upgrade, so you can start browsing for the most helpful lift kit for your needs.

Things To Consider Before Committing to a Lift Kit