Foam Cell Pro 2" Suspension Kit Suited LHD For Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser - Stage 3

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105 Series Land Cruiser
Suspension Type:
Foam Cell Pro
Lift Kit Stage:
Stage 3
The strongest, most reliable 4x4 shock in the world

Foam Cell Pro 2" Suspension Kit Suited LHD For Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser - Stage 3

The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Stage 3 Lift Kit suited for the 105 Series Land Cruiser combines upgraded on-road dynamics, dramatically reducing body roll and increasing stability with excellent off-road touring performance.

Our Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers feature a tough, military spec, big bore 3" twin-tube shock, the largest, strongest shock on the market; they are nearly indestructible, carry no internal parts which can jam, require little to no service, and are rebuildable.

The Foam cell pro shock is filled with premium grade FUCHS oil and our foam cell sleeve technology. The foam cell sleeve, impregnated with millions of tiny bubbles of nitrogen, maximizes oil and thermal carrying capacity and eliminates high internal pressures found on regular nitro gas-shock absorbers.

All of these features combined deliver an incredibly reliable, fit for purpose shock absorber that has stood the test of time in the Australian outback and military theaters around the world.

Our Ironman 4x4 105 Series Land Cruiser adjustable Panhard bar and 105 Series Land Cruiser swaybar links are another core feature of the stage 3 kit. Aside from being much stronger than the original OEM parts and perfect for off-road environments, the Panhard rod realigns your rear track, while the sway bar links relocate the sway bar into a neutral position.

This 105 Series Land Cruiser 2-inch lift kit comes complete with all the necessary suspension parts to deliver a lifted 105 Series Land Cruiser with more ground clearance, fit larger tires and increase payload capacity for additional vehicle accessories or equipment. The lift kit is fully compatible with KDSS.

The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro Features Include:

  • 2.8" outer body diameter
  • Chrome hardened piston rod
  • 1/8" exterior tube wall thickness
  • 360 degree welded mounts
  • Rebuildable design
  • Threaded height adjustable strut spring seat
  • Integrated bump stop (on applicable models)
  • Single piece solid mounting base
  • Solid one piece eye ring
  • Twin Tube Construction
  • Foam Cell Design

Vehicle Fitment

Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 1998
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 1999
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2000
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2001
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2002
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2003
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2004
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2005
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2006
Toyota 105 Series Land Cruiser 2007
PLEASE read all product page details for more fitment information


  • Estimated Lift: 2"
  • Package Details: Kit

NOTE: Suits Left Hand Drive models only

This Kit Includes:

  • Front Coil Springs
  • Rear Coil Springs
  • 45683FE- Front Shock Absorber - Foam Cell (2)
  • 45682FE- Rear Shock Absorber - Foam Cell (2)
  • 1144RK- Rubber 2° Caster Bushing Kit
  • 3524- Steering Damper
  • UTA001- Upper Trailing Arms (2)
  • LTA001- Lower Trailing Arms (2)
  • PANHARD007- Front Panhard Bar
  • PANHARD002- Rear Panhard Bar
  • ADL001L- Adjustable Drag Link


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