Foam Cell Pro 3.5" Suspension Kit Suited For Toyota Tundra 2007-2021 - Stage 1

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The strongest, most reliable 4x4 shock in the world

Foam Cell Pro 3.5" Suspension Kit Suited For Toyota Tundra 2007-2021 - Stage 1

Our Foam Cell Pro 3 Inch lift suspension systems provide an unmatched combination of on-road handling improvements and remarkable off-road performance for 2007 and up Toyota Tundras. We know the Tundra is an uber capable full-sized truck, but why not make it better. The Foam Cell Pro lift kit will drastically increase on-road responsiveness while decreasing body roll and jolting in harsh off-road environments. Have heavy accessories, tow a lot, not a problem. Will all of our spring rate options you can perfectly tailor your kit for your needs.

Ironman 4x4's Foam Cell Pro suspension systems were initially developed for the US military with a specific mission to produce the most durable, dependable shock absorber ever. The solution had to be capable of handling non-stop abuse required by the US Army Tank Command's (TACOM) heavy up-armored Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux, Chevy Colorado's, and other operational vehicles. Foam Cell Pro was engineered to endure remote locations, scorching hot climates, constant use, and rugged, unforgiving terrain. Foam Cell is a unique technology and an alternative to the typical Nitro-Gas and oil combination found in most other shock absorbers in the market.  

Shocks typically fade as internal temperatures increase. Oil and nitrogen gas emulsify under constant use, leading to fading and complete failure. Foam Cell technology removes the typical high-pressure nitrogen gas charge from the equation by utilizing a micro-cellular foam sleeve that encapsulates the nitrogen, prevents aeration, and results in a pressure neutral dampener with no "Springing Effect."  

Under compression, the foam cell sleeve packs down to a volume smaller than what a regular nitrogen charge would use, allowing these massive shock bodies to be filled with even more high-grade Fuchs German shock oil. More oil equates to faster cooling/dissipation of heat. The captive nitrogen contained inside the foam cell sleeve also aids the piston in dampening, resulting in optimal performance, specifically with heavier vehicles carrying accessories such as front/rear bumpers, winches, rooftop tents, work equipment, and when towing. 

Foam cell technology also decreases the strain on the shock by removing the Nitro-gas, this removes internal pressure on the seals and increases the service life of the strut, allowing the Foam Cell Pro's to work at peak performance for much longer than any other suspension out there. When it is time for a service, the Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers are completely rebuildable.   

The Ironman 4x4 lift kit provides significant improvements in the vehicle's dynamics and performance over inferior lift kit options such as a body lift. Every shock is designed from the ground up by our Australian engineering department, and valved for each specific vehicle.  

Our Foam Cell Pro suspension kits contain all the necessary parts to lift your vehicle. Our suspension kits will dramatically reduce the body roll of the car, increasing all-round stability during crawling and high-speed driving. So, while the suspension is working overtime, you and your passengers will enjoy an ultra-plush ride over virtually any terrain.  

The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro range was developed to meet all the demands and challenges faced both on and off-road, loaded or unloaded while producing a superb ride.  

The Foam Cell Pro shocks in this lift kit feature a twin-tube design for maximum durability under harsh Overlanding, wheeling, or off-roading. This design significantly reduces the chances of a shock puncture from rocks, roots, logs, and other outside elements. This innovative design means that even when the shocks take a hit, there is far less chance of puncturing the inner metal tube, so you are far less likely to damage the shock internals or lose the oil.

Vehicle Fitment

Toyota Tundra 2007
Toyota Tundra 2008
Toyota Tundra 2009
Toyota Tundra 2010
Toyota Tundra 2011
Toyota Tundra 2012
Toyota Tundra 2013
Toyota Tundra 2014
Toyota Tundra 2015
Toyota Tundra 2016
Toyota Tundra 2017
Toyota Tundra 2018
Toyota Tundra 2019
Toyota Tundra 2020
Toyota Tundra 2021
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  • Vehicle specific tuned front and rear shocks for superior shock damping and control  
  • Increased wheel travel and ride quality over stock to fit larger wheels and tires   
  • Increased responsiveness while maintaining plush ride in on & off-road situations  
  • Ultra-durable coating process that resists corrosion in the harshest element   
  • 35mm (1.37") Teflon banded piston to keep the shock function peak performance  
  • 16mm (.62") hardened chrome piston rod wrapped in twin-tube construction   
  • (54mm=2.12") huge shock body increases oil capacity to eliminate heat fade  
  • High impact resistant poly dust shield to protect piston rod from debris  
  • Natural rubber bushings for increased suspension articulation and vibration reduction  
  • Backed by our industry-leading 3-year warranty  
  • Oversized natural rubber bushings to absorb high-frequency vibration from road noise  
  • HDPE dust and stone protection that is far superior to rubber  
  • Integrated bump stops  
  • 20mm chromed hardened piston rod  
  • Rebuildable design so the shocks will last the life of the vehicle  
  • 45mm diameters piston 65-72mm  
  • Twin-tube construction for carefree use under severe off-road conditions  
  • Highest grade German oil resists viscosity breakdown under high temperatures  
  • 3mm steel tube thickness  
  • 360-degree welded mounts are 37% stronger than standard welds  
  • Solid one-piece eye ting  
  • Single piece solid mounting base for increased durability under stress  
  • EDP e-coat surface protection that is highly corrosion resistance  
  • Rubber spring seat cushion to lock the lower spring in place  
  • The threaded body provides maximum adjustment and works as an added heatsink effect  
  • Adjustable coil-overs can provide 0-3.5" of front lift height  
  • Bolt-on system means no cutting or welding necessary for install  


This Kit Includes: 

  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 front shock springs
  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 rear leaf packs
  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro front struts: Part Number 45780FE
  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pro rear struts: Part Number 45781FE
  • 2 x Front coil-over strut tops (included in pre-builts): ISST005
  • 1 x Ironman 4x4 rear polyurethane spring bush kit: Part Number 1196UK
  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 rear greasable shackle: Part Number 1150 
  • 2 x Ironman 4x4 rear U-bolt kit: Part Number 678UBK
  • 1 x Ironman4x4 brake hose relocation Kit: Part Number 1197K 
  • 1 x Ironman 4x4 rear driveshaft center bearing spacer kit: Part Number 1217K
  • *** If you don't choose the pre-built option, you need to add two strut tops to your order***: Part Number ISST005   
  • All mounting hardware to assemble the coil overs 



The TOY063 coil springs are utilized for several vehicles. The taller spring is always installed on the gas tank side of the vehicle.

Tundra, please install the Coil Labeled "TOY063 D/S" on the DRIVER / LEFT side (gas tank side) of your vehicle. 

Ironman 4x4 recommends using an aftermarket UCA like our Pro Forge UCA's when lifting the front of your Tundra over 2.5 inches.

Go any higher, and you risk the OEM Stock Upper Control Arm contacting the "large and in-charge" Ironman 4x4 coil at full droop.

This can lead to scratching or chipping of the coil's powder coat creating a raw spot where rust and corrosion can occur.


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