IceCube Fridge/Freezer 74L (78Quarts)

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78 Quarts (74L)
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IceCube Fridge/Freezer 74L (78Quarts)


The GIGANTIC size of the 74L Ice Cube off-road fridge/freezers is the ultimate powered solution for those needing maximum storage capacity and food longevity without the use of dry ice. 

Don't get confused. There's lots of terminology out there "ice chests, active vs passive cooling, powered coolers, thermoelectric coolers." We keep it simple; the Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube fridge/freezers are not just an electric cooler, they're a refrigerator and freezer just like the one at home. Think, Honey I shrunk the kitchen fridge and it's coming with me!

The Ironman 4x4 IceCube fridge/freezers were specially designed for your vehicle to withstand the on and Off-Road twists and turns, bouncing around, and the general craziness of your outta control driving style.

**FACT** Ironman 4x4 IceCube fridge/freezers were not designed to work upside down or at the bottom of the river/lake/ocean.... yet! So whether you’re rock crawling, overlanding, fishing from the boat, camping with the fam or hiding from the cops cause you got extraditable warrants… The Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube 74L fridge/freezer will keep your legal and/or less than legal adventures comfortable and on a full tum tum.

These Ironman 4x4 IceCube fridge/freezers are an ice-cold game-changer that will increase your food freshness and grocery laziness to levels exceeding snow-capped mountain peaks and sky-blue waters. Like Hammz Bear style freshness folks!

Oh, she's got the look!

These fridges weren't just squeezed into Grant's bedazzled new religion jeans with matching wallet chain and affliction t-shirt. These IceCube fridge/freezers are sporting some 501's and a free Tee they got at the last Rigs and Coffee meet-up.

The Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube fridge/freezers are rocking that ruggedly classic and timeless design of your grandpa's chest freezer that you can count on.

Here's the Deal:

The Ironman 4x4 IceCube fridge/freezers are the official MacGruber endorsed multi-tool of portable food preservation that keeps a variety of little somethings "muy frio" for the entire road trip crew.

Imagine: You guys are in the middle of nowhere, happy kiddos with ice cream sandwiches, the ladies are on an evening white claw walk, while the guys are running a corn-hole tourney/babysitting duty with undercover daddy pops in hand. It's icy cold goodness all on demand!

So whether you’re a fresh veggie eating superhuman like Luke and Otto, or you’re scooping peanut butter out of a jar with a frozen Snickers like Miller and Wags, you can now have your cake and freeze it too…

The Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube Fridge/Freezers make camping so nice. No more annoying “ice runs” back to un-civilization to grab ice bags at the gas station every other day.

A fridge/freezer is like having extra jerry cans for your food. PSA Kids: Not a great idea to carry food or water in jerry cans... Just sayin' (Our lawyers made us say that...)

The veggies stay fresh, the meat stays frozen, and no one likes draining that dirty old cooler slurry out of your waterlogged zip-lock cheeze baggy. Ugh dude, sick...

C'mon man it's a game changer! The best part of the home is now portable.

Unless you live in a portable home… Then the above statement would not be applicable to you and your living situation. #vanlife 

Technical Data (Fridgin’ awesome!)

Power: The 12V/ 24V and 110V/220V house power can be present at the same time, our Ironman 4x4 Ice Cube fridge/freezer will always default to house power to save your battery. Which is nice…

Protection: This unit has a built-in automatic low-voltage cutout system that rivals those fancy in-home energy star french door refrigerators, designed to protect your battery from discharging completely. This will automatically turn off the compressor when the battery discharges to the "Cut-Out" voltage (See table in the PDF instructions). The compressor will automatically restart when the voltage increases to the "Cut-In" voltage (See table in the PDF instructions).


Approx gross capacity: 19.5 gal (74L)
Supply Voltage (V): 12/ 24 // 100-240
Dimensions (H x W x L): 19.3" x 18.5" x 30.9" (490mm x 470mm x 785mm)
Temp. Range / regulation: +50 to 0°F (+10 to -18°C)
Approx. Weight: 66lbs (30kg)
Material CFC free: CFC-Free
Insulation: PU Foam
Interior light: LED
Average power consumption: 40W

Current draw on 12V ( 41°F (5°C) inside, 68°F (20°C) outside)

Approx. 0.7 Ah/h
Certification: GS / CE / E Certified
Battery Protection: 3 stage low voltage protection
  • Danfoss BD-50 compressor - - The world’s most reliable cooling system
  • The best electronic technology, high efficiency, and low energy consumption
  • Average power consumption 55 Watt
  • Current draw on 12V (41°F inside temperature, 68°F ambient temperature) approx. 0.7 Ah/h (Ampere hour) (But I’m confused!? Look it’s not exactly rocket surgery. Pop your hood, check the top of your battery for the amp hour rating. Now head over to Battery Stuff and calculate it out. Dun! 


3 Year Warranty5 Year Warranty
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