IceCube Fridge Freezer Combo 65L (68 Quarts) - Dual Compartment

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IceCube Fridge Freezer Combo 65L (68 Quarts) - Dual Compartment

The giant size of the Ironman chest fridge/freezers are ideal for those wanting maximum storage capacity.

Whether you're a fisherman, outback tourer or big family, these 65L & 74L fridges are ideal. The 65L chest has two separate bins which give you the option of running a dual fridge, dual freezer or split fridge & freezer.


  • Danfoss BD-50 compressor
  • The best electronic technology, high efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Multi-voltage system (DC 12-24V) and (AC 100-120/220-240V)
  • 3-Level Automatic Battery Protection
  • Dual Climate Control


  • Danfoss BD-50 compressor
  • Voltage Supply: 12/ 24 // 100-240V
  • Current Draw: 0.7 Ah/h
  • Temperature Range: +50 to 0˚F
  • Weight: 66LBS
  • Volume: 65L
  • Height: 19.3"
  • Width: 18.5"
  • Length: 30.9"


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