Megatom 2-In-1 LED Light Kit

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Megatom 2-In-1 LED Light Kit

This groundbreaking LED light combines the best characteristics of round lamps and a LED light bar. This industry-first off-road LED light throws enormous amounts of lighting, no matter what conditions or terrain you are on. The Megatom lights are 3 lights in 1 incredible housing. They can be switched between round lights only, light bar, and when you need to turn night into daylight, you can run them combined for potent light output during night time driving.

Multi-positional mount with reversible brand plate allows installation to bullbar with the light bar positioned at the bottom or top. Independent light operation via unique tailormade switch supplied with Wiring Loom.  90-degree beam spread via 5W high lux output Osram LEDs. They are rated to IP67 and IP69, capable of submersion and high-pressure water blasts with complete protection from dust. Housing manufactured from heavy-duty die-cast alloy with shockproof polycarbonate lenses.

A massive 7 inch round light is integrated with a 10" LED bar which can be mounted in pendant mount or right side up. The lower light bar seamlessly floods the near and foreground in front of the vehicle with a widespread beam pattern capable of distances up to 610 meters (2000 feet). The abundant round light has a long-range driving beam acceptable for off-road speeds that would win the Baja 1000 and pushes light beam distances out to 1311 meters (4300 feet). Combined, the two lights in conjunction are capable of light coverage distance up to 1442 meters (4730 feet) and width of almost 30 meters (98 feet) of side to side lighting.

The built-in benefits of LEDs with a low amperage, high lumen output with make nighttime driving a distant memory. The lightweight aluminum housings are wrapped in our CDS gunmetal coating to ensure long-lasting durability that can handle years of abuse.

The MegaToms feature our EPR lenses, which significantly increase the output of the LED chips while having nearly 140 degrees of side to side illumination. When you're off-road with these lights, you rest assured no obstacles will sneak up on you. The amount of lighting technology that's packed into these lights creates a massive wave of light that drowns the darkness in a seamless beam pattern with no dark spots.

Ironman 4x4's Tri-Force technology

We wanted to re-define what LED lights and light bars are on the market. We set out to bring a seamless blend of performance and value with our line of LED lights. We developed Tri-Force technology, which is the three pillars of performance that go into all of our LED lights. Bringing a new standard in off-road lights in performance and value.

Extreme Projection Reflectors (EPR)

After extensive testing in the Australian outback and seeing the shortfalls in beam pattern from other lights on the market, we developed EPR Tech. Starting with the bucket depth and shape down to revamping the polishing process, we left no stoned unturned. The result is the most usable beam patterns on the market that cover the ground in a seamless blanket of light. The symmetrical beam is a mixture of optimal proportions of side to side and foreground lighting with a hyper long-range center beam for when you reach higher race type speeds.

Corrosion Defense System (CDS)

We wanted to stand out, in the look of our lights and also with the quality and durability. The engineering of the CDS (Corrosion Defense System) coating came about after months of R&D that consisted of ultra-violet, salt spray, and vibration testing, all while watching the competition fall apart. The impressive look of our gunmetal color has been upgraded with a precise mixture of hardeners and flex components that far exceed the fade and chip resistant capabilities of any other light coatings on the market.

Advanced Optical Clarity (AOC)

Applying similar manufacturing processes from high-end watchmakers, we developed what we believe to be the highest optical clarity and UV fade resistance lenses to date. You can be assured the entire light output produced from the LED chips and reflectors are not getting hung up by the lens.


  • Driving Light Light Bar Combo

  • Output High Lux: 75W 45W 120W

  • Raw Lumens: 4050 5400 9450

  • Effective Lumens: 4428.4 3564 7910

  • Lux/10m: 4300 930 5200

  • Amps 12V / 24V: 5.55A / 2.7A 4.0A / 2.0A 9.5A / 4.8A

Megatom Output:

  • 6000K white light to imitate natural daylight
  • 140-degree beam spread
  • Shockproof Polycarbonate Lens
  • Featuring 5w high lux output Osram LED's
  • Output: 75 watts Round Light & 45 watt light bar
  • Ingress rated to IP67 & IP69 capable of submersion and high-pressure water blasts
  • Operating voltage 10-30V DC
  • Lumens: 4428.4 raw
  • Lux/10m: 4300lx
  • Current: 5.55A@12V / 2.7A@24V
  • Round Light LED Chips: 15 x Osram 5w CSHP
  • Light Bar Light LED Chips: 9 x P78 Osram 5w
  • Waterproof Deutsch Plugs included
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

This Kit Includes


Ironman 4x4 | Putting the Lighting Game on Notice

  • Ironman 4x4 | ...

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