About us

We love to explore the outdoors. We enjoy our trucks and we appreciate innovation, quality, and value in our products. These are the core pillars that our business was founded on back in 1958.

Our founder Gunther Jacobs was born in Germany, precision engineering was in his nature. During the second world war, Gunther was imprisoned in Auschwitz for four years and survived due to his exceptional spring making skills. Following the liberation from the horrors of Auschwitz Gunther emigrated Melbourne Australia and continued his craft making performance springs for the Military, Ford, and Mac trucks.




In 1958 Jacob Spring works was formed, Gunther later became know as the IRONMAN which eventually became our brand name. 

With the growth of 4x4 vehicles we expanded our suspension offering from coil and leaf springs into shocks and more recently introduced the premium class Foam Cell Pro collections along with a full complement of products for the best-known vehicle manufacturers in the world. To this day Ironman4x4 still continues to design and develop products for various military divisions around the world, where strength and dependability are paramount.