Recall FAQ

Ironman 4x4 has recalled the ball joint contained within certain Ironman 4x4 Pro Forge upper control arms due to premature wear of the ball joint. The recall is listed with NHTSA as Recall No. 23E-051.

In response to this recall, we have put together this list of anticipated Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. Please review these if you have any questions.

What formal correspondence will I receive if my vehicle's ball joints contained within the upper control arms are part of the recall?

You will receive one of the two below letters based on your upper control arm sku. Please reference the letters for a list of associated SKUs.

What are the affected upper control arm part number(s) containing the recalled ball joint?

  • UCA001FA
  • UCA001FAJ
  • UCA001FA-K500018
  • UCA001FAT
  • UCA001FAT-K80811
  • UCA001FAX
  • UCA048FA
  • UCA048FA-P
  • UCA048FA-X
  • UCA054FAS
  • UCA056FA
  • UCA073FA
  • UCA075FA
  • UCA075FA-DT

How do I determine if my vehicle is affected?

All Ironman 4x4 Pro Forge Upper Control Arms are affected by this ball joint recall. All affected consumers will receive a letter from Ironman4x4 notifying them of the recall and outlining the process for replacing the upper control arms containing the new ball joints. Additionally, consumers can go to to fill out a short form to begin the process for securing a replacement upper control arm.

How else can I confirm if I am in the recall population?

As noted above, Ironman 4x4 will soon send recall notification letters to all affected owners. In the meantime, if you require assistance determining if your product fits within the affected recall population, please schedule an inspection appointment with a certified motor mechanic. It should not take longer than about half an hour to inspect your vehicle and Ironman 4x4 will reimburse you for these inspection costs.

Does this affect any other parts of my suspension?

No. This is isolated to just the ball joint within the Pro Forge Upper Control Arm.

How long can I expect to wait for a replacement to be installed?

Once the remedy parts are available and sent to you, we expect the fix to take approximately 3 hours (2hours + alignment) with an average rate of $150 per hour. Ironman 4x4 will reimburse you for these installation costs.

Can I do the repair myself?

Repair of the product must be done by a certified motor mechanic.

Can I purchase an alternative product from another brand?

If you replace the ball joint with one other than the upgraded ball joint offered, Ironman 4x4 will reimburse you up to the cost of the replacement upper control arm offered by Ironman 4x4.

What do I do if I have sold a vehicle that has the product?

We would encourage you to please notify Ironman 4x4 that you no longer own the vehicle with this affected component, and provide any information you may have on the current vehicle owner.

What if I already replaced my UCA with another brand?

If you have already replaced the UCA with another brand, please complete the reimbursement form here.