Whether you are just stopping on the side of the road for lunch on a road trip, setting up camp, or need shelter from the scorching sun on the beach. Our Ironman 4x4 Awnings will provide you with much-needed shelter from the outside elements in a hurry.

Engineered for performance, the awning features weatherproof ripstop poly cotton with seam-sealed stitching when wet conditions arise. If the sun is your issue, a significant benefit of our awnings is the UV50+ sun protection rating that will keep you, your pets, or children cool under the shade in various weather conditions. All this is wrapped in a sleek ultra-durable PVC cover, to stow and protect the awning during your drive or expeditions.

Our awnings feature integrated LED lighting, available wall kits and rooms, storage pockets, heavy-duty aluminum frames, freestanding or supported designs, various sizes, and more.

12 Items
12 Items