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4x4 Off Road Air Intake Snorkel Kits

The air box is the lungs of the 4WD, and the air filter can only handle so much dust before it either chokes or deteriorates allowing dust to enter the engine potentially causing serious mechanical damage.

The Ironman 4x4 Airforce Snorkel is designed and manufactured to the tightest of tolerances to ensure a perfect fit. The function of the snorkel is to capture cleaner and cooler air while travelling off-road, with the added function of raising your air intake away from river water during crossings.

By using computational fluid dynamics simulations and real-world testing, Ironman 4x4 engineers designed the snorkel not only to complement the shape of the vehicle but also to ensure airways are unobstructed allowing a constant flow of air.

The unique Ironman 4x4 angled ram-air head design deflects rain for superior airflow and water dispersion.

Constructed from UV-stabilized polyethylene plastic, the snorkel is made with longevity in mind, withstanding the harsh Australian sun.

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9 Items