Shocks & Struts

Off-Road Shocks & Struts

Ironman 4x4 offers a wide selection of off-road shocks and struts, including Foam Cell Pro, Foam Cell, and Nitro Gas shocks that include replacement bushings, seal kits, and tools!

The lineup of Ironman 4x4 shocks provide exceptional ride quality, stability, and handling both on and off-road. Being built around superior strength and durability at a great value, this saves you money to put into the fuel tank so you can get out and explore.

When using our shocks and struts, you will notice improved stability when towing or carrying a load. Each and every Ironman shock absorber is force velocity tested before packaging to ensure all parts received are uniform and within operating specifications. Find the suspension shocks and struts to meet your needs today!

193 Items
193 Items