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4 Reasons To Install a Roof Rack on Your Vehicle

Ironman 4x4 America - Jun 14, 2023

The purpose of a truck accessory may look straightforward, but there may be more to it than meets the eye. An example of this is a roof rack for overlanding. Our guide below will introduce you to the benefits of roof racks so that you can get the full picture before buying one for yourself. Check out these reasons to install a roof rack on your vehicle.

Additional Storage

Overlanding and camping are activities that require packing lots of supplies. Roof racks provide more storage so that you can pack for big trips without squeezing all your supplies together in the trunk. For example, our off-road parts at Ironman 4x4 include roof racks of various sizes, such as 6' and 7.2' racks and more. This ensures you can find an option that fits perfectly on top of your truck and holds everything you need for the trip, such as your tent, kayak, and additional cargo.

Lightweight Construction

Roof racks come in various designs. One detail that differs between options is the weight. The benefit of high-quality roof racks is that they add storage without adding excessive weight to your ride. The roof racks available at Ironman 4x4 include alloy trade-style racks that contain aluminum. Using aluminum means we can cut 60 percent of the weight you would add with an equivalent steel rack. Plus, the weight reduction doesn’t come at the cost of performance. Simply put, you can install lightweight roof racks that are still strong enough to handle overlanding conditions successfully.

Easy Setup

One of the best reasons to install a roof rack on your vehicle is that it’s an easy setup process. For instance, you can find Ironman 4x4 roof racks fit for a wide range of vehicles. Our inventory includes mounting kits for roof racks if you need additional support as well. By not specifying a roof rack to any one specific vehicle model, we enable many overland enthusiasts to add easy-to-install storage to their vehicles. A roof rack doesn’t require an extensive installation process like adding a new suspension. When in doubt, refer to your manufacturers’ instructions to ensure you fully harness your specific model’s features upon installation.

Better Style

Another benefit of high-quality roof racks is their aesthetic appeal. Roof racks have an iconic off-road look. The moment you see a vehicle with roof racks, it’ll show a tough, overland-ready appearance. Plus, the roof rack’s components can look as nice as they perform. For example, our roof racks at Ironman 4x4 include units with a gunmetal gray finish that showcases a sleek, solid surface. If you’re ready to maximize strength, style, and storage space for your future overlanding trips, find a quality roof rack for your truck today.