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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing a Lift Kit

Oct 8, 2021

When it comes to modifying your vehicle for off-roading, step one is usually elevating your ride with a lift kit. How else would you get the clearance you need and the space to install your heavy-duty off-roading tires?

But any vehicle owner will tell you that rushing into a decision is signing up for a world of hurt later, especially when it comes to off-roading. But if you keep in mind these five things to consider before choosing a lift kit, you’ll make a choice that’s perfect for your 4x4.

Your Vehicle Type

Let’s start with the basics: you wouldn’t try to fix your Jeep with parts from a pickup truck. So, naturally, you wouldn’t use a lift kit intended for a different model of vehicle on your car. Double-check the manufacturer’s instructions before installing a kit or other components on your car.

What You’re Using It For

Some people buy a lift kit so they can crawl over rocks in Moab, Utah. Others just love that feeling of power that having a taller car gives them. There isn’t a wrong reason to want to lift your 4x4, but the reason may change the kind of lift kit you buy.

For example, if you’re hitting up the off-roading trails, you’ll need to give your vehicle more height and your cabin more attention. If your 4x4 is mostly going to be sticking to local roads, you’ll want to avoid going too high. The more height you add, the more it will impact your handling in on-road driving.

Vehicle Physics

Speaking of handling, an important consideration for choosing a lift kit is how the height will impact your vehicle’s gravity. The taller the car, the higher its center of gravity, and trust us, you’ll notice this the first time you hit a sharp turn. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking of hitting some winding backroads.

What Kind of Tires You Want To Use

Half the reason a lot of us lift our rigs is to make room for off-roading tires. The bigger the tire, the better the clearance, and the more contact the rubber is making with the ground, thus increasing your handling in wet or rough conditions.

It’s a good idea to scope out off-road tires before choosing a lift kit. That way, you’ll have an idea of how tall you want to go with the tires and, thus, how tall you want to go with your lift kit.

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