From Tundra to Thundra: You've been… Thundra Struck!!

Jun 29, 2020

Here at the office lately, Wags has been moaning and complaining: "All I do is pick out garbage and paper scraps from the 'Bottles and Cans' bin. Why?!" and "Why are there greasy handprints all over the walls by the urinal?! Who is pissing so hard that they have to go full Cliffhanger? And with both hands!! How does that even work? This dude ain't got a care in the world! 'Look, Mom, no hands!' Hey, I'm not mad; actually, I'm insanely jealous! This guy's my new friggin' hero!!!"

Then Wags storms off into the women's bathroom, and the rant starts all over again…

So, when Ironman 4x4 America's head of "Janitorial / Custodial Engineering" decided to get himself a new Toyota Tundra, we had an excellent opportunity to showcase how great our Foam Cell Pro suspension is. For someone so full of crap, Wags is a terrible janitor. But even Wags knows the first step to a clean Tundra is scrubbing away all that cruddy stock suspension.

A trip to Central Oregon and Miller's backyard with a stock Tundra crew cab, and that was all the time we needed. We knew the "Thundra" needed a significant makeover. It requires a lift kit and some oversized tires ASAP!

Living in the Pacific Northwest, this rig will see a wide range of terrains and seasons. Sprinkle in a little towing and some added bed weight and the choice to go with our Foam Cell Pro kit was easy. Mainly for the adjustability in lift height paired with numerous spring rate options, but it doesn't hurt that this kit is also gluten-free, sugar-free, and keto-friendly......

The Ironman 4x4 Stage 1 Tundra kit is no leveling kit, it's a complete bolt-on lift kit that requires no welding, framing, cooking, or even drywalling needed during installation. Just a little plastic molding and the massive tire size of the 35" MT's to clear. We're not lying, and there is no rub bub! The Ironman 4x4 Foam Cell Pros have a threaded shock body and use double locking adjustable collars, allowing you to adjust the coil's pre-load and the trucks' ride height from 0 to 3" of lift. Out of the gate, you'll feel the massive gains in on-road handling, off-road performance, and increased longevity over other brands, and Foam Cell Pros are entirely re-buildable!

Next step, major burn out to kill the stock radial tires! Then we jacked the truck up and started ripping off the factory suspension. We set the lift height on the front coils to give us 3" and front lift. For the rear, we utilized our Performance Load Leaf Packs and Rear Foam cell Shocks to provide us with the required lift to keep the vehicle level with a little front rake. Yes, you heard me right, a rear suspension lift on a full-size truck without using blocks!!!! While keeping the factory geometry as close to stock as possible.

A few bolts, greasing some bushings, and the rig was ready for wheels and tires. Our boys over at Wheel Pros hooked us up with some Fuel Vectors in gunmetal wrapped in 35x12.50 Falken Wildpeak MT's. At this point, the "Thundra" rose from the ashes made of stock suspension parts like a fiery Phoenix ready to take on adventure and demolish off-road terrain.

The increase in on-road responsiveness and the elimination of the front-end nosedive on hard braking is the first thing you'll notice. The Foam Cell Pro's shine when you get them off-road. You increased ground clearance with a plush ride that soaks up everything from washboard roads to washouts, roots, rocks, and mud pits. This suspension kit can handle anything you throw at it while maintaining a comfortable ride and minimizing body roll in all situations. You will significantly increase your on and off-road confidence with Ironman 4x4suspension lift kits.