Lift and Light Your Rig with Ironman 4x4 for the Month of May.

May 13, 2020

For a limited time only, all customers will receive 20% off all suspension kits and a free set of side shooter LED lights.

[Wilsonville, OR, May 12th, 2020] — Spring is the best time to save on our suspension products. Don’t miss out on these valuable savings, and make sure your rig is ready for summer adventures.

Available on lift kit purchases made between May 1st and May 31st, 2020 - all retail customers will receive a 20% discount and two free side shooter LED lights valued at $298. Ironman 4x4 is a leader in engineered off-road suspension systems, bumpers, underbody protection, and camping gear for a wide range of off-road markets.

Ironman 4x4’s Foam Cell Pro suspension systems were initially developed for the US military with a specific mission to produce the most durable, dependable shock absorber ever. The solution had to be capable of handling non-stop abuse and punishment required by the US Army Tank Command’s (TACOM) heavy up-armored Toyota Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux, Chevy Colorado’s, and other operational vehicles. Foam Cell Pro is designed to endure remote locations, scorching hot climates, constant use, and rugged, unforgiving terrain. Ironman 4x4’s Foam Cell Pro suspension systems capitalize on a uniquely creative technology that marches past conventional high-pressure nitrogen gas / oil shocks.

Shocks typically fade as internal temperatures increase. Oil and nitrogen gas emulsify under constant use, leading to fading and complete failure. Foam Cell technology removes the typical high-pressure nitrogen gas charge from the equation by utilizing a micro-cellular foam sleeve that encapsulates the nitrogen, prevents aeration, and results in a pressure neutral dampener with no “Springing Effect.”

Under compression, the foam cell sleeve packs down to a volume smaller than what a typical nitrogen charge would use, allowing these massive shock bodies to be filled with even more high-grade Fuchs German shock oil.

More oil equates to faster cooling/dissipation of heat. The captive nitrogen contained inside the foam cell sleeve also aids the piston in dampening, resulting in optimal performance, specifically with heavier vehicles carrying accessories such as front/rear bumpers, winches, rooftop tents, work equipment, and when towing.

Whether Foam Cell Pro, Foam Cell, or Nitro Gas, all of Ironman 4x4’s engineered suspension systems offer professionally engineered features that correct vehicle body roll and increase all-round stability and handling. As your suspension works overtime, you and your passengers will enjoy an ultra-plush ride while conquering a variety of terrain. And to top it off: Ironman 4x4’s customers drive with confidence and peace of mind knowing they are covered with our “Iron-clad” 3-year warranty.