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Must-Have Suspension Upgrades for Off-Roading

Ironman 4x4 America - Apr 11, 2024

A key component to any off-road vehicle is its suspension system. Must-have suspension upgrades for off-roading include shocks and struts, springs, control arms, and other bits. All these goods help to make your rig more capable and allow you to go farther with more comfort and performance. Let’s take a look at some must-have suspension upgrades.

Off-Road Suspension Kits: All-In-Upgrade Packages

If you’re looking to add a completely new suspension setup for your ride, off-road suspension kits are a great way to go. They’ll include everything you’ll need to up your rig’s performance. This includes taller springs, upgraded high-performance shocks and/or struts, any required spacers, brackets, and hardware. Consider off-road suspension kits an all-inclusive way to up your vehicle’s off-road capability.

Ironman 4x4 offers four off-road suspension kit lines for different vehicles, various performance requirements, and a variety of budgets. This includes the signature Foam Cell Pro and Foam Cell kits, Nitro Gas kits, and the ATS (All Terrain Systems) kits for crossover vehicles like Subarus and Toyota RAV4s.

Of course, not everyone is looking for the entire suspension system. Fortunately, Ironman 4x4 offers the kit components À la carte, too.

Lift Springs: Ground Clearance and Performance

Off-road vehicles need ground clearance—it’s one of the most important aspects of an off-roader. The best way to achieve this is by using different springs. Whether it’s taller coils, different leaf packs, or torsion bars, changing out a vehicle’s springs can help add lift.

Ironman 4x4’s business was founded on spring making and it’s still a vital component today. And we offer a host of different springs for a variety of vehicles. Whether you want a modest lift on your Subaru or a big lift on your Land Cruiser, Ironman 4x4 offers plenty of spring choices.

However, lifting a vehicle may require other additional components. Make sure to check if your vehicle requires other parts or modifications necessary to lift safely. Upper control arms and spacer kits for example help keep factory alignment and angles. Parts like these are included in Ironman 4x4 kits for safely lifting your vehicle.

Shocks/Struts: Upgraded On- and Off-Road Handling

Generally, when upgrading springs, replacing the shocks and struts is a good idea. Or maybe you simply need to replace some old, worn-out dampers. Getting shocks/struts made for your specific vehicle and its load requirements can help improve on- and off-road performance. Highly engineered with custom valving, and tough construction, Ironman 4x4 offers a variety of shocks and struts including its Foam Cell Pro, Foam Cell, and Nitro Gas shocks for a host of models—each tuned for its specific needs.

Other Suspension Upgrades

Although the most critical off-road suspension upgrades are the springs and dampers, other items will help take your suspension to the next level.

Vehicles with independent suspension can benefit from upgraded upper control arms (UCA). Forged, durable, and lightweight Ironman 4x4 UCAs are direct OEM replacements and let you bring a vehicle’s geometry into OEM spec for great performance.

Rigs with solid rear axles can benefit from an upgraded panhard bar. Used to correct axle shift, they’ll help provide a smoother ride and will stand up to thousands of miles of abuse.

Finally, many 4x4s can benefit from upgraded steering dampers. They help improve steering control and eliminate unwanted movement. Plus, they utilize the same foam cell technology as Ironman 4x4 shocks/struts.

Your suspension isn’t something you want to skimp on. It’s one of the most critical areas of your off-roader. So when it comes time to upgrade your suspension, check out Ironman 4x4’s must-have offerings.