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Off-Road Fridge/Freezer: A Life-Changing Essential

Ironman 4x4 America - Mar 13, 2024

Some products are life-changing essentials when off-roading, traveling, and camping. For many, one of those items is an off-road fridge. Using your car's 12-volt system, these coolers eliminate the need for ice, are leak-proof, and keep frozen foods frozen. You’ll never have a soggy sandwich ever again.

Off-Road Fridge/Freezer Benefits

Having a 12-volt off-road fridge/freezer lets you carry fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and more along with you and keep it cool and safe longer than a cooler. This means healthier eating and better meals while camping. It also means you can bring along ice cream and frozen treats for dessert!

An off-road fridge is one of the most convenient camping products you can get. They never need ice and don’t leave you with a cooler full of water making your food soggy. They don’t draw lots of power and leave your rig’s battery with plenty of juice to start. (Many have a variety of power-cutoff levels, too.) Plus, they’re exceptionally durable and will stand up to nearly any adventure. Many people never go back to having a cooler after getting a fridge/freezer.

Sizes and Models

Off-road fridges are available in a host of sizes and configurations. Ironman 4x4 fridge/freezers range from 40 liters (42 quarts) to 70 liters (74 quarts). So whether you’re out for a day, a week, or a lifetime, there’s an off road fridge to suit your style and needs.

The flagship line includes:

IceCube Drawer Fridge/Freezer - 40L

M-Series IceCube Portable Fridge Freezer - 43L

M-Series IceCube Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezer - 65L

M-Series IceCube Portable Fridge Freezer - 70L

All have easy-to-use digital control panels and a rugged design. They can be run on 12V/24V (DC) or 110V–240V (AC) power. If you have three-stage battery protection, you won’t be stranded with a dead battery. You can set the power cutoff between 10.2V and 11.7V. Or if you have a sizable portable power bank with appropriate plugs (AC outlet/cigarette lighter) you can freely run it off that and move it anywhere in your campsite!

The M-Series has a Secop compressor, one of the most trusted on the market, backed by a five-year warranty.

You can control the fridge using its digital panel or wirelessly on your smart device using the Ironman 4x4 Smart Fridge app (iOS or Android). The panel also has twin USB-A ports to charge electronics.

Finally, the M-Series includes a protection cover to guard against dirt, dust, and damage. Power consumption ranges between 0.70 Ah/h (43L model) and 0.87 Ah/h (70L model). Can capacity ranges from 64 to 89 12-oz cans.

Finally, there’s the IceCube Drawer Fridge/Freezer - 40 L. This unit mounts in the back of a vehicle and has a robust powder-coated steel exterior and a durable and sleek stainless-steel drawer. With its drawer configuration, it eliminates the need for a fridge slide. It has an internal LED light for visibility and a basket divider to keep food organized. It has 12V/24V operation using a 50-amp Anderson connection and draws 1.2 Ah/h. This fridge will hold up to 63 cans.

Fridge/Freezer Slides, Accessories, and Replacement Parts

Ironman 4x4 offers a variety of items to get the most out of your fridge/freezer setup. This includes fridge slides that tilt and slide your fridge for easy access to the goods inside.

Securing a fridge is also important, especially off-road, and the included Fridge Straps with our slides will keep the units in place. You can also improve a fridge/freezer’s efficiency by using insulated bags. Adding extra layers of protection helps keep the fridge/freezer running efficiently by trapping the cold inside.

If something goes wrong or you lose a part, Ironman 4x4 has replacement parts available. These parts include cords and lids to ensure your off-road fridge continues to work properly.