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The Dos and Don’ts of Overlanding With a Dog

Ironman 4x4 America - Apr 10, 2023

If you’re going camping, you may assume that you have to leave your dog at home. However, depending on your dog’s behavior and how you prepare your supplies, you may be able to have a great camping trip for your pup. Get familiar with these dos and don’ts of overlanding with a dog so that you can learn how to bring your beloved pet along for the ride.

Do Expand Your Water Supply

You can pack separate food pretty easily since dogs and humans tend to have different meals. However, both humans and their dogs drink water, and they’ll certainly need it during their camping trip. Staying hydrated ensures you and your pup have the energy you need to have fun.

At Ironman 4x4, our inventory of overlanding gear includes a wide range of water tanks, such as five-gallon, 15-gallon, and more designs. Having these tanks makes it easy to divvy up the water you need for yourself and any other travelers with you. Then, you can pack a water tank for the dog so you can easily keep track of both.

Don’t Forget the Leash

Each dog is different, so how you need to use the leash will sometimes vary. Some folks don’t mind the dog wandering around camp without a leash, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid using one entirely. For example, having a leash will help if other campers are around. Instead of letting the dog jump all over other campers, you can keep your dog under control. Plus, a leash will help if you take the dog camping around treacherous terrain. Having the leash securely attached to your dog will make it simple to keep them on the safe path, ensuring you can worry less.

Do Give Your Dog Their Space

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with letting your dog sleep in your tent at night. That said, your dog should still have their own shelter during the day. Designating an area for your pup gives you a place to set up suitable shade, water, food, and a resting area.

That way, if you’re hanging out around camp and your dog wants to rest in the shade, they can. At Ironman 4x4, we have a variety of awnings available for trucks. Our inventory also includes a quick fold dog bed with a cozy padded surface. That way, your pup can have a comfy place to hang out under the awning when you have downtime.

Don’t Neglect Their Favorite Toys

The right tent and campsite accessories can make it feel more like home for you, but how do you do that for your dog? Always remember to bring some of your pup’s favorite toys along for the trip. When you’re not out for a hike or another nearby activity, you will have downtime to relax at the campsite. During this time, having a dog toy handy will help you keep your pup entertained in the meantime. After reading the dos and don’ts of overlanding with a dog, gather the gear you need to have the most fun outdoors with everyone else—including your pets.