Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

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2 Adults, 1 Child
Hard Shell
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Recommended Use:
Car Camping
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4 Season
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Camping & Hiking
Additional Features:
80" x 62" x 47"
Tent Model:
Nomad 1300 Rooftop Tent
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Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

THE HARD SHELL ADVANTAGE: The benefits of a hard shell rooftop tent really come into their own when looking at the convenience of set up and pack up as the hard shell cover itself forms a functional part of the tent’s construction.

QUICK AND EASY SET UP: Set up becomes a breeze with little structural poles to place; simply pop it open, fold out the ladder and you’re literally a few steps away from a good night’s sleep.  Packing the tent back up is as easy as removing the flexi-rods, folding in the floor, and pulling down the lid.

COMFORTABLE AND SPACIOUS: The Nomad 2.0 features a spacious queen sized mattress at 80" x 62" (6.7-ft. x 5.2-ft) dimensions and is made from a high-density foam and 3D anti-condensation mat that is 1 inch thick.  With a total open height of 47" (3.9-ft.) there is plenty of internal head room for sitting up for a game of cards or to simply get changed.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The hard outer shell features an ABS lid with a stainless steel frame.  The tent is made from 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton fabric for peace of mind in wet and windy conditions.  The entry is complete with ripstop solid covers and zipped insect proof fine mesh. The front entry point and both side windows are protected by hooded awnings.

UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: The Nomad 2.0 features a universal mounting solution that can be mounted onto a variety of crossbars.  When closed this tent's footprint is a compact 62" x 51.5" x 12" (5.2-ft. x 4.3-ft. x 1-ft.) that weighs approximately 150lbs.


  • Set up and pack down as simple as it gets
  • Skylight window and 2 large windows with additional mesh vents
  • Anti-condensation mattress
  • 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton fabric
  • Collapsible aluminum ladder
  • Compact design and weight for smaller off-road vehicles and wagons
  • Universal mounting solution for a variety of vehicle crossbars

Trail Chasers Reviews the Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

"The level of time and energy I saved to set up camp compared to every other set up I have ever had was mind blowing. I didn’t have to fold out a ground tent, set up the poles, nail in the spikes, tie down the guy wires, and then start the entire process of setting up all of the things that go inside the tent. No. I unfastened the three buckles on the hard shell cap, flipped it up, then folded out the the rest of the tent with the ladder attached. 98% of the set-up was done in seconds. Then, I crawled up and attached the tension poles that hold open the rain flaps. I unrolled the sleeping bags,...and done. I know there are some other RTT’s on the market that are even easier than that, but honestly, I have a hard time imagining it. My mind was blown with how easy this was to get set-up and ready to go." Trail Chasers, read the full review here.

Trail Chasers puts the Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent On Display:

trail chasers nomad 1300 ironman 4x4
trail chasers nomad 1300 ironman 4x4

TheOutbound Reviews the Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

"When speed and convenience are a priority, it’s pretty hard to beat the ease and flexibility of a rooftop tent. It pops open and is completely set up in about 5 minutes, and the best part - it effectively acts as a mobile fort for our kids. They absolutely love it.

Whether we’re posting up at our favorite scenic lookout, or hiding out from the sun during a midday break at the beach, the kids (and our friends’ kids) are always making use of the tent. Its high density foam floor is comfortable, the footprint is spacious, and it has plenty of head room just in case you want to join in on a game of cards. While it is definitely a luxury, it’s been a wonderful new complement to our family outings and everyday adventures."
TheOutbound, read the full review here.

TheOutbound puts the Nomad 2.0 Hard Shell Rooftop Tent On Display:

theoutbound nomad 1300 rooftop tent family
theoutbound nomad 1300 rooftop tent setup


Gas Strut Assisted Hard Lid: Yes
Dimensions (closed): 62" x 51.5" x 12" (5.2-ft x 4.3-ft. x 1ft)/(1600 x 1300 x 320mm)
Dimensions (open): 80" x 62" x 47" (5.2-ft x 6.7-ft. x 3.9ft)/(1600 x 2050 x 1200mm)
Lid Construction: ABS
Base Construction: ABS
Frame: Stainless steel with aluminum slats (base only)
Mattress Size (L x W): 80" x 62" (6.7-ft. x 5.2-ft.)
Mattress Thickness: 1"
Mattress Construction: High-density foam with 3D anti-condensation mat
Body Fabric: 280gsm ripstop poly-cotton
Fly Fabric: 520D Oxford poly-cotton
Waterproof Testing (mm): 2000 water column
Window & Door Awnings: Yes
Weight: 150lbs
Max Capacity: 660lbs 
Ladder Construction & Rating: Collapsible aluminum up to 330lbs
Fully Extended Ladder Length: 7.5-ft. (90")

What's Included:

  • Nomad 2.0 Rooftop Tent
  • Mounting Hardware Kit

Ironman 4x4 provides a one year manufacturers warranty for Rooftop tents. Warranty applies to all materials, craftsmanship, and parts but does not cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use, storm damage, water damage, mold, improper cleaning, and storage or accidents. The warranty is for the original purchaser and is not transferable.

For greater wet weather performance from your tent, customers are encouraged to regularly apply a water based waterproof spray with UV protection, available from any good outdoor store. 


Icon pdfOwner's Manual 

How To Setup and Stow Your Nomad 2.0 Rooftop Tent:

How to properly care for and maintain your rooftop tent:

  • Thoroughly air-dry your rooftop tent, annex, awning, and awning rooms after use in wet conditions or post-wash.
  • To wash your RTT, use warm water, mild detergent, and a non-abrasive cloth/sponge to remove dirt and oils.
  • In the event of plastic shell or softcover fading, apply a plastic rejuvenator. Available at most auto part stores. (Recommended every six months).
  • After prolonged wet weather use, we recommend reapplying waterproofing agents to the fabrics—silicone-based solution like 303 Fabric Guard or Atsko Silicone Water-Guard.
  • Clean out dirt and debris after each use.
  • Check the condition of zippers, netting, and mattress cover every month.
  • Wash mattress cover periodically.
  • If you keep your bedding in the rooftop tent, make sure you wash your bedding periodically to prevent oil buildup.
  • Keep shoes in a boot bag outside the tent.
  • Keep a blanket or fitted sheet over the mattress to keep it clean.
  • Vacuum out rooftop tent before next use.
  • Air out each month with heavy use.

Nomad 2.0 Rooftop Tent Maintenance, Care, & Tips:

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