Ridge Pole Swag Tent - Single

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Ridge Pole Swag Tent - Single

Ridge Pole Swag Tent - Single

NEW DESIGN | QUICK AND EASY SETUP: The Ridge Pole Swag by Ironman is a completely new design; moving away from the three-hoop concept to a simplified two-hoop with tensioning centre ridge pole. It’s not a new concept, but one that simplifies set-up and pack-up within minutes.

SPACIOUS AND COMPACT: The Ridge Pole Swag is designed to offer greater internal volume, with no tapering at the waist and legs, while remaining compact in transit like a traditional swag.

RUGGED MATERIALS: What’s really important in a ridge-pole design, is the quality of materials. A genuine 420gsm poly-cotton canvas gives the swag structural integrity in the dome to minimize drooping and remaining full waterproof.

PROTECTIVE BASE: The base is constructed of a 600gsm PVC, which wraps 4" up the swag walls. This depth is what protects you and the mattress from ground water seepage in inclement weather.

180° VIEW: Roll up the full access side doors for a full 180° view of the night sky.


ridge pole swag mattress

Let’s talk mattresses! This is no eggshell mattress with a deceptive height to density ratio, we’re talking a full 2.8" high density foam mattress; there’ll be no peas felt here princess!


ridge pole swag mesh system
Sandfly-proof mesh on all windows provides protection from bugs and insects. Full Length windows on both sides allow easy access. Rolling up the poly-cotton access doors reveals a 180-degree view of the night’s sky, while at both the head and foot ends are zipped access to meshed windows for improved airflow.


ridge pole swag guy lines
The swags also come with a full set of guy ropes to tension out the rain flaps at each end as well as the awning poles, however, given the type of design, the swag can be set-up free standing without guy ropes in dry and calm conditions.


ridge pole swag awning
A great feature of the Ironman 4x4 Ridge Pole Swag is the included awning poles, which allow you to transform the swags entry flap into an awning for increased shelter from rain and frost. Additionally, each swag is sold with a complementary PVC shoe storage cover to keep your swag clean and your boots dry!


ridge pole swag carry bag
Ironman 4x4 swags come complete with a canvas carry bag.


Important Swag Facts 

PRE-SEASONING YOUR SWAG: It is important to soak your swag! The way canvas and stitching works, you need your swag to get completely wet and then completely dry so the canvas and stitching can contract and expand to properly seal the canvas and stitching, creating a truly watertight seal above. The best method is to set up the swag, remove the mattress, zip up all of the windows and awning then soak the canvas until completely wet. Allow to fully dry then repeat the process. Check for any leaks in the seams and use a wax stick on the seams where any moisture is showing.

VENTILATION IS KEY: Heavy duty canvas is great for keeping water and sun out while providing great temperature control. However, when you’re all tucked up in bed on a cold night, you need to allow for ventilation to avoid condensation build up. It can be a pain the morning when you go to roll up your swag and the inside is wet from condensation, leave the head and foot windows open for fresh air and ventilation to minimize condensation.

MOISTURE EQUALS MILDEW: If you want a nice clean and fresh smelling swag every time you open it, be sure not to pack it away wet! Even condensation or excess dampness on the PVC base when rolling the swag can be cause for your swag to start to grow mold when in storage. When rolling your swag, wipe the PVC base with a fresh cloth or towel as you go, or when you get home set it up somewhere dry for 24 hours and pack it down again.

AWNINGS MAKE IT EASY: While your swag is waterproof, setting up under an awning keeps mildew, condensation, and precipitation to a minimum. So if you have the option to set up under an awning, you will be grateful in the morning for a dry swag that is super easy to roll up and pack away.


 Ridge Pole Swag Tent - Single
Material: 420gsm Poly Cotton
Water Rating (mm): 800
UV Rated: Yes
Mesh: Sandfly Proof Mesh
Base Material: 600gsm PVC
Base Water Rating (mm): 1000
Dimensions (setup): 84.6" x 39.4" x 31.5"
Dimensions (packed): 20" x 20" x 40"
Weight (lbs): 33lbs
Materials: High Density Foam
Thickness (inches): 2.8"
Dimensions (inches): 84.6" x 39.4"


What's Included:

  • Swag
  • High Density Foam Mattress
  • Poles
  • Pegs
  • Awning Poles
  • Internal Storage Pockets
  • External PVC Shoe Cover
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Bag

Swags vs Tents

While tents are often a lighter alternative, the construction of a poly-cotton canvas swag offers far greater temperature control, keeping the hot sun of the day out for a cooler place to rest your head, and the heat in at night for a cozy sleep. Swags are naturally dark for improved sleep-ins, and due to their waterproof nature do not require additional fly covers.

One of the biggest advantages of a swag is the mattress, which will never lose air and go flat, and conveniently rolls up and lives in the swag.

With less poles, less pegs and less guy ropes, a swag sets up and packs up in minutes giving you more time to enjoy the things about camping you love best.

Seasoning You SWAG

Before using your swag for the first time it needs to be seasoned before it is taken on its first trip. During construction, the canvas material is punctured thousands of times along the seams where various pieces are sewn together. This stitching leaves tiny pin holes which are prone to leaking the first few times they are wet. Seasoning a swag eliminates this leaking by causing the canvas to expand and contract, in turn sealing up the holes. Seasoning is a very simple process done over a couple of days that, when done correctly, will eliminate a damp and disappointing camping experience.

  1. Set up the swag in its entirety on a flat surface. Ensure the swag is set up as symmetrical as possible, remove the mattress and ensure that all flaps and covers are closed and secured.
  2. With a hose and spray nozzle set to "shower* (do not use a pressure hose or jet spray, this can damage the waterproofing treatment on the canvas) begin generously showering down the entire length of the swag being sure to give each seam a thorough dousing. You will notice at first the canvas will bead the water, but as time goes on it will start to soak in, especially in the seam areas. Continue this for 3-5 minutes or until the canvas is completely saturated.
  3. Keeping the swag set up, allow it to completely dry.
  4. Repeat this process one or two times over a couple of days for best results, you should notice less and less leaking inside each time.
  5. After wetting for the final time, inspect the inside of the canvas to see if it is watertight. If there is still water coming through, you may need to apply a seam sealing product to completely waterproof that area.


  1. Unroll the swag and lay on a flat, clean surface - check that there is no debris or objects on the ground.
  2. Assemble the two aluminum end hoops.
  3. Locate the floor pin in one end of pole and gently bend to allow the pin on the opposite side to be inserted into the pole - Attach plastic "C" clips to secure the pole to the swag and then repeat at the other end.
  4. Locate the ridge pole on both end hoops and extend until canvas is tight, take care not to over tension the ridge pole as this will put undue stress on the frame and zippers.

GUY ROPES - End & Awning

Ensure that all guy ropes are utilized and kept taught. Guy ropes should be securely pegged down as far from the tent as possible.

Condensation is not leaking

Condensation occurs when warmer air inside the swag hits the canvas and is cooled by cold air outside the swag, this causes water beads to form on the inner surface of the swag. To reduce condensation dripping inside the swag, ensure the fabric is property tensioned, guy ropes are in use and vents are property set up to encourage air circulation.

Heat Sources

Appliances that generate heat, such as stoves, air conditioners, space heaters and hot water units, create carbon monoxide, a noxious and lethal gas.



When storing your swag, never pack it away wet - ensure that it is dry. DO NOT store it in a damp location. Store it in a cool dry area, off the ground and out of direct sunlight.

Care Instructions

Use a soft brush or sponge with water and/or mild detergent to remove marks, rinse with water afterwards. Allow to dry thoroughly.

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