Locksafe Twin Drawers - 1300MM

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51.2 Inches (1300mm)

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Locksafe Twin Drawers - 1300MM

Stronger and better than ever Ironman 4x4 Locksafe Drawer Systems have undergone a significant evolution. Using stronger materials and better locking mechanisms all whilst saving you money, the Ironman 4x4 Drawers are a leap forward for an already quality product.


Inside Dimensions

  • Drawer Length 48.8" (1240mm)
  • Drawer Height 8.11" (206mm)
  • Drawer Width 16.73" (425mm)

Outside Dimensions

  • Cabinet Length 51.12" (1300mm)
  • Cabinet Height 10.82" (275mm)
  • Cabinet Width 40.16" (1020mm)


  • Tested and complies to ADR3/02, ADR 34/01 and ADR42
  • 220LBS (100kgs) rating per drawer set
  • Lockable and safe storage system - both drawer locks keyed alike
  • T-Lock handles for easy of opening and closing
  • All internal walls and base of drawer lined with UV stabilized heavy duty black marine grade carpet
  • Child restraint points
  • Cross folded drawer floor
  • Body made from 2.0mm galvanized sheet (33% stronger than previous model)
  • Drawers made from 1.5mm galvanized sheet (25% stronger than the previous model)
  • 12mm marine grade plywood top, lined with UV stabilized heavy duty black marine grade carpet
  • 25% Larger bearing than the original bearings used
  • Mounting hardware included

All of this makes the Ironman 4x4 drawer systems, stronger, safety, quieter and easier to use and install.

  • Child restraint points: Yes
  • Drawer weight capacity: 220LBS (100kg)
  • Drawer weight: 196LBS (89kg)

Additional Notes:

  • Designed to suit factory tubs, will not suit bed liner without modification.


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