Replacement Vented Water Tank Cap

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3" x 3" x 1"
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Replacement Vented Water Tank Cap

UPGRADE: Upgrade and replace your Ironman 4x4 water tank for a vented cap.

PRESSURE REGULATION: A vented cap allows the tank to equalize the pressure inside and outside the tank. This is especially important when there are temperature fluctuations or when the water level inside the tank changes. Without a vent, pressure imbalances could build up and damage the tank.

BETTER WATER FLOW: If a tank is sealed completely without any vent, it can create a vacuum as water is drawn out. This vacuum can impede the flow of water and cause difficulties in emptying or draining the tank. A vented cap allows for consistent water flow.

ODOR CONTROL: Water stored in tanks may develop unpleasant odors. A vented cap helps to promote airflow and ventilation, reducing the likelihood of stagnant air and minimizing any potential odors buildup.

This cap is a replacement for the following water tanks:


2.17" (55mm) Inner Diameter x 1" (25mm) H

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