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4 Ways To Keep Your Overland Vehicle Organized

Ironman 4x4 America - Mar 2, 2023

Overlanding requires lots of supplies, so it’s easy to become disorganized. Don’t worry, though; making a few simple changes to your vehicle or your routine can make a big difference. Explore the tips below to find helpful ways to keep your overland vehicle organized.

Perform Post-Trip Cleaning

Do you sometimes leave leftover water bottles and other clutter in your truck after overlanding? It’s nothing to be ashamed of—everyone forgets stuff in their cars or trucks every now and then. However, letting it happen consistently over time can lead to a cluttered interior.

After every overlanding trip, perform a quick inspection when you return home. That way, the vehicle is clean and ready for your next trip. The inspection doesn’t have to happen immediately when you return. Whether it’s later that day or the following morning, scheduling a time for a quick cleanup will make the next trip cozier.

Pack Good Food Storage

You don’t have to let snacks and water bottles clutter the truck in a disorganized fashion. Portable fridges and water tanks allow you to keep your items in one place within arm’s reach. Plus, having a good portable fridge means you can keep your food fresh for trips.

Collapsible food containers are also helpful because they keep your food organized. However, what makes the collapsible part of the design so useful for overlanding is how it functions after you eat the food. Once the container is empty, folding it into a flat surface ensures it takes up as little space as possible while still making your trip substantially better.

Install Convenient Truck Drawers

Installing truck drawers is another easy way to keep your overland vehicle organized. Instead of loosely placing items in the truck bed, you can designate them to specific drawers. This keeps the items from becoming lost. It also makes them easy to find when you need them.

Plus, these drawers come in more than one size for vehicles. For example, our off-road storage boxes at Ironman 4x4 feature drawers in various sizes. These sizes include 1,300 mm, 900 mm, and more so that you can find an option that best fits your overlanding supplies.

Make Essentials Easy To Access

Simply put, don’t randomly pack away your bags or boxes. Assess each storage container and consider what a passenger may need while you drive. For example, instead of burying your snack bag behind other items, keep it easily accessible. This way, you never have to struggle to find it. Likewise, you can keep campsite essentials like an oven or tent tucked away since you likely won’t need them while driving.