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Choosing the Right Size Water Tank for Off-Roading

Jan 12, 2022

When it comes to surviving in the backcountry, water is one of the most important needs to meet. That’s because the human body can only go about three days without water before facing serious dehydration.

So, when you’re going to hit the trails, having enough water should be a top priority. That means choosing the right size water tank for off-roading. If you’re not sure how big a tank you need for your trip, keep these considerations in mind.

Consider How Many People Are Coming

A good rule of thumb for water consumption is to pack a gallon of water for every day you will be gone. But that rule only applies per person. So, if you’re off-roading with a group of friends or your family, you will inevitably need more water than if you were on your own.

If you’re taking a weekend trip with a buddy, you’ll usually be able to get away with a 5-gallon tank. But if you plan on taking the same trip with a family of four, you’ll want to opt for a 15-gallon or higher tank.

Consider the Type of Trips You’re Taking

Beyond the one-gallon rule, there are a whole host of other factors that can increase your water consumption. Because of that, considering the types of trips you plan on taking is essential for choosing the right size water tank for off-roading. For instance:

  • Weekend trips will require less water than week-long or overlanding trips.
  • If your campsite needs to wash dishes, you’ll need more water.
  • If you’re taking a trip in the summer, you’ll need more water than in the winter.
  • A campout in a dry or desert environment like Moab will require more water.

Even if a certain sized water tank worked for your group on previous outings, you may want to consider upgrading if you plan on taking a larger-scale trip.

Consider the Weight and Space

Off-roading vehicles are large on principle, so you typically don’t have to worry too much about having enough space to fit your water tank. However, you also have to keep in mind that you’ll have other gear to store if you’re camping, such as bedding, food, recovery gear, and more.

On top of that, water adds additional weight. A filled 15-gallon tank weighs around 120 pounds. This is certainly something to keep in mind when considering your overall vehicle weight, towing capacity, and suspension spring rate.

Water is essential. That’s why Ironman 4x4 offers a wide variety of truck water containers to help meet your camp’s needs, whether you’re heading out for a weekend in bear country or a week in Moab.