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Explore Vehicle Awnings: Benefits & Types

Ironman 4x4 America - May 6, 2024

It’s hard to beat off-road awnings for quick shade or shelter when camping or adventuring. They deploy quickly off the side of a vehicle offering a great place to escape the elements. But which awning is right for you? Let’s take a look at different awning types and their benefits.

90° Awnings

90-degree awning

The most basic off-road awnings are 90° versions. This means the awning pulls straight out from the vehicle. Ironman 4x4 America offers its Instant Awnings, as well as its DeltaWing 90° Awning in a variety of sizes. This means no matter the vehicle or shade desired, there’s an option.

These awnings roll out easily and are quick to set up. The blackout shade provides strong UV protection and less heat penetration for cool summer shade. They also have integrated LED lights for nighttime use.

The 90° awnings are easy to mount to most vehicles with a roof rack or crossbars thanks to included universal mount brackets and hardware. Ironman 4x4 America recommends approximately 47 in. of span between mounting locations. Speak with your roof rack specialist if you have further questions.

90-degree awning room

Some 90° awnings also can be had with room packages turning them into great camping spaces.

180° Awnings

180-degree awning

If you’re looking for more coverage than the 90° awning, the 180° DeltaWing might be just what you’re after. It provides twice the shade and is great for hatchbacks or vehicles with a liftgate. They have the same features as 90° awnings but offer better coverage. Their heavy-duty freestanding aluminum frame means you swing it out and the setup is done. These can be set up in less than 3 minutes. The 180° awning also requires about 47 in. of bar spread to mount and includes universal mounting hardware.

270° Awnings

270-degree awning

Want even more shade? Check out 270° awnings. These provide 72 sq/ft of coverage and allow you to go over your rig’s tailgate. This means you have the ability to access your pickup’s bed while being protected from the elements. The integrated rain pole provides better water drainage and minimal canvas water pooling. Again, 42 in. of span between mounting locations is required.

Awning Add-Ons | Rooms & Wall Kits

270-degree awning

Awnings don’t have to be minimalist shade suppliers. With awning wall kits, rooms and accessories, they can be transformed into full-fledged rooms. The New DeltaWing 180° and 270° Awnings can include 3 or 4-piece designs with different window and door configurations. The New DeltaWing 90° Awnings have fully enclosed rooms with floor to block out all pests, bugs, and dirt. This allows you to turn an awning into its own space for sleeping or changing.

Once you have your wall kit or room set up, Ironman 4x4 America offers a host of accessories to make them more livable. This includes LED lights, hooks, and organizers to help you get the most out of your setup.