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Off-Road Roof Rack Components 

At Ironman 4x4, we sell high-quality roof rack components that will help you improve truck storage capabilities. Durable roof racks require a strong mounting system. The right mounting parts ensure the driver can go off-roading without worrying about rough riding causing damage to the roof storage.

Our roof rack mounting kits ensure that your rack is secured properly to the roof. We have kits and individual mounting components available for the Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX470, and many more. We’re ready to help drivers in a wide range of vehicles make their off-road experience more convenient.

The roof rack components we have available also include Atlas cross bars for the Toyota RAV4. After installing these cross bars, you can enjoy a higher storage capacity for off-roading adventures. Choose from our hardware below to get your truck ready for its next trip.

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9 Items